9:10 PM

Three days ago...

It was a normal day, it was a busy day.
It was the  serious time, it was the killing time.
It was, then it was not..
The time stopped.
The sculpture became the joker.
And he spoke.
The words dispersed the time.
The words changed the air.
Silence became laughter.

Intermezzo. I was transferring the data from Dian's netbook to my external harddisk. Very important data. My eyes kept watching the LCD screen-- a serious watch. I didn't pay attention too much to whatever I put near the netbook-- I say: it was a serious watch. Out of nowhere, a familiar voice interrupted my being engaged with the square thing. It was Dimas, and I let this conversation below to help you picturize on your mind what I call it as an intermezzo.

Dimas: Dyah, is there a backspace?
Me: Backspace? What backspace? (My mind was still hanging on the 'netbook stuff')
Dimas: Backspace button on that netbook, of course.
Me: Oh I see. Yes, there is. Why then?
Dimas: (with a serious look)Why then, does the eraser there? I mean, what's the use of it?
Me: (stared at the eraser and didn't get Dimas' words.) Eh.. I don't get it.
Dimas: (looked at my dizzy face) Well, you have a 'backspace' button on the netbook, so what's the use of the eraser then?
Me: (I fell in a deep silence trying to figure it out then a big laughter came out from my mouth) HUAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!! What a joke! What a joke! Brilliant! But I was serious and it seemed that you talked seriously to me. I didn't even notice that that damn eraser was on the netbook. HAHAHAA..
Dimas: (big smile)

Poppy and Hana, who listened to our conversation from the beginning, remained silent. They had no idea of my laughter. Then Dimas explained, "Ok, you can erase your wrong type with the backspace button. You don't need the eraser, do you?"

They then produced a big ROFL!! Hana said, "Dimas, we took it seriously, your words, you see. You're just ridiculous as always! hahaaa.."
"Yeah, ridiculous! hahaa.." Poppy added.

That's Dimas, a quiet man yet ridiculous. Once he updates his status on his facebook, it must be a ridiculous thing. He reminds me of Raditya Dika. The great joker.

What an intermezzo. Thanks Dimas :)

p.s. Thank God for giving me a freak class. I like it.

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  1. hahahahahah nice :D wkwkwkwk
    I have no idea that dimas is such a ridiculous guy ! wkwkwkwk