Happiness and Peace

2:45 PM

"You may say that I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will live as one"

Imagine - John Lennon 

I have a new habit: thinking so deeply about life. This appears as a result of my metromini time (the time I find myself calmly sitting on the corner of the seat in metromini --- you know, the mini bus with an orange color covering its body (it burns your eyes a lot!), the dark exhaust killing your nose and throat, and the hard noise of the machine which later guarantees your ear for being deaf!). You may wonder why I choose this kind of bus (honestly, i don't even think that it's a bus) but I assure you that I can't help separating of this damn stuff since it's a part of my life (sorry for my drama queen): it takes me to the college and home. 

Okay, back to my metromini time...
I sit and my eyes walk through the window, seeing buildings, cars, transjakarta bus, riders on their motorbikes (i have a feeling that they assume the metromini as their big enemy for its being   rude on the way), students, officer, police, beggars, street singer (I'd prefer to call it as a bus singer) and sometimes goats and cows. Then my mind start to think that this world is so complex and I'm in it.

This habit continues to my every single time especially the time when I am alone. My friends frequently find me daydreaming in a class, canteen, or even when they talk to me. They think that I fall in love with a man or have another mad dream of London. But I don't, chums. I'm busy with my aspiration of being happy. Seeing so many things happen in this world --- disaster, crime, greed, hunger, rich, power, war, lies, slavery --- makes me realize that all I've wanted, all I've prayed for, were only shadows of what I truly need. 

Happiness and peace. With happiness, you can spread the positive atmosphere to all people around you --- seeding the happy seeds in their heart. Imagine if all people in this world are happy. Imagine how many good things are made by the happy souls! Yesterday I experienced what I call as a parallel event. When I sat behind my dad on the motorbike, I couldn't stop my mouth for singing until we got home. I sang because I felt so entertained after watching the Glee show. As the traffic light turned to red, our motorbike stopped (of course) and my dad asked me like this:

Dad : "You sang from the time we left. Are you in the state of being happy?" 
Me : "Oh no, I just wanna sing. Oh yes, I'm happy.."

This morning, I found that my dad is a lil bit different, you know, I could see the happiness in his face when he woke me up to do a morning pray. He's more colorful than the days before when I'm so frustated with my own probs.

Happiness. That's all I want now. I pray to Allah to give me a happy heart and a peace life. I pray for the human race, beg Him to give them a real happiness and peace. May Allah grant it..

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