Sunday, August 6, 2017

Titik Koma Kehidupan

Katanya, mereka yang segera berpulang akan memberi pertanda. Orang-orang menyebutnya sebagai firasat. Saya sering mendengar A berfirasat B akan meninggal hanya dengan melihat tingkah laku B yang beda dari biasanya. Namun demikian, firasat itu dinyatakan valid ketika B benar-benar berpulang.

"Ya kemarin dia terlihat beda dari biasanya. Dia peluk saya seakan ingin pergi jauh," ungkap A.

"B itu minta saya jagain kucingnya. Tumben," kata A yang lain.

Pernah juga seseorang berkata seperti ini kepada saya:

"Kadang, orang yang mau meninggal itu, tanpa dia sadari berucap seakan-akan ia ingin pergi jauh meninggalkan kita semua," jelas teman saya.

Firasat kematian, apapun itu, bak antiklimaks dari sebuah kehidupan. Perasaan tak terdefinisi ini seakan menjadi kisi-kisi dari satu penutup. Mereka yang menyadarinya akan bergidik, sambil berkata, "Hush, jangan bicara seperti itu ah."

Ada kalanya firasat itu tidak datang. Dan mereka yang ditinggalkan umumnya tersedu dalam penyesalan what if tak berujung. Sebuah tanda tanya besar lantas dilayangkan: mengapa titik akhir itu tiba-tiba datang?

Sayang, titik tak pernah datang dengan tiba-tiba. Kita hanya terlalu terlena dengan koma.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Moment of Tangency

You and I have never met, many times before.

Our paths might have crossed once or twice online, or passing in the street, We might've lived in the same neighborhood all our lives, but against incredible odds, we just happened to miss each other.

It's a big world, after all.

Our days must be filled with these chance encounters, that for a million tiny reasons, never actually take place.

Accidental strangers, who just happened to miss their cue,
who share everything in common, except for time and place.

For years, their stories might've been happening in parallel, harmonizing from somewhere across the world, but neither has any idea that the other even exists.

Because if two lines are truly parallel, it means they'll never actually meet.

It's hard not to wonder where they are right now, veering away on a tangent, in some parallel universe.

Hard not to glance at a stranger in a crowd, and imagine the life you might have shared, if things had been different, and feel a pang of missed connection as you carry on your separate ways, leaving nothing but an echo of something that might have been.

You never know how many things had to happen exactly right for you to meet the one you love. You never know how easily fate might have tipped you onto some other course, meeting some other persons, who would feel like a soulmate.

Maybe you'd still be telling your friends it was always meant to be.

Or maybe you'd look back at your life and realize:
it was nothing personal-it's all just a coincidence.

You never know.

*Beautifully written by John Koenig

Tuesday, June 27, 2017


"You laugh so hard over small things. I just notice that," my mentor once said. His words got me to a question, "Do I?"

In other occasions, my co-workers asked me with wonder when I was overwhelmed by the free mustard greens. "Why are you so excited over mustard greens?" (Well, actually the greens was so beautiful with its mustard flowers so I couldn't resist the excitement).

Others even joked, "Maybe the next time a guy hits on you, he should bring you a bunch of mustard greens."


So many moments I share with my work mates, most of them are when we laugh together, most most of them are when we laugh at my odd reaction over something. I don't know exactly whether they bring out the odd in me, or it's me odding their apparently-quite-quirky life.

Oh, now it even sounds so oddception.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Four Good Lines

She was my intern and (why) she is sweet when she's gone. Oh girl, you don't have any idea about the hardship I'm going through. But there you are, praying for my well being. Four good lines are received. And for you, I have five.

Hope Korea treats you well, 
just like I believe it does.
You are good girl, 
goodness tails you everywhere, 
Insha Allah.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Familiar Stranger

Do you happen to see some strangers who are somehow familiar to you? They are familiar in a way you pass them by like five or ten times. Every time you bump into each other, you both just throw regular look. But then you realize the look is not that regular either. It's like that one look which says, "Okay, we see each other quite often." The look which talks--something like that.

But oddly, you cannot remember the face of the stranger you met, regardless how frequent you both bump into each other. You only know it is "that person" once you both meet again. Except for map, I usually remember things or persons well. But it does not apply to this case. So, I find it very funny.

So, how should I put it? There is a stranger who is not stranger in any ways. That person is still a stranger because you do not know that person personally, nor you remember that person's face. But, the title "stranger" is gone once you both meet. The regular look you both throw somehow becomes familiar.

Familiar stranger, this case is getting interesting.